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About Us

Making sure your vacation property in Sargent, Texas continues to be maintained while you’re away is easy when you retain the bonded experts of CheckMark Services. Our professional property-watch staff is fully prepared to watch over your vacation home and property whenever you need to leave. By hiring us, not only will we keep your home/property in great condition, but also eliminate those dreaded surprises when you come down to unwind. We are always available to help you keep your holiday retreat in pristine condition. Give us a call today, so we can care for your location.

When You Wish You Could Be Here...We ARE!

Mark McMillin

Meet Our Owner

As a non-resident vacation home owner in Port Aransas for more than 10 years and now a permanent resident of Sargent Beach, our founder, Mark McMillin understands how important it is to keep property maintained when it’s not in use, especially in Coastal areas.  Mark also owns a 1999 Tioga motorhome and understands the unique concerns of RV owners as well.  He understands the desire to avoid "imposing" on a neighbor to simply keep an eye on things, but not wanting to pay the high price for Real Estate Company "Property Management" contracts.  For this reason, he formed our Company, which caters primarily to non-resident property owners in Sargent, Texas and the surrounding areas.  We are your eyes and ears to give you immediate, responsible, and experienced oversight of your property...tailored to your needs/concerns.

Mark has been married to Lorraine McMillin for over 30 years, is a former Air Force F-4 mechanic, and followed that with 30 years of Federal Service, retiring in 2011 (although he still maintains his DOD Secret Clearance).  He moved to Sargent due to the unique mix of folks and properties here and Lorraine's love of the beach.  Lorraine is a U.S. Citizen born and raised in London, England.  Mark is a member of the Sargent Area Chamber of Commerce and has overseen Contractor operations in both the U.S. and overseas exceeding 600 personnel in war and peace.  Mark has also vowed that, now that he lives in Sargent, he's going to learn how to fish...period. 

Improving Our Business

CheckMark Services is also be offering it's Property-Watch and "On Demand" services to permanent residents/businesses of the Sargent, Texas area along with assisting Real Estate professionals with assuring proper management of properties in rental status or awaiting sale.  While our focus is on non-resident property owners currently, the fact that we live here assures ALL customers that employ our services will be assured of a professional, timely, and cost-effective response to property-watch needs.  We also would like to actively encourage folks in the Sargent area to provide feedback on our "Contact" tab regarding services that you need that we may not have thought of, etc.  YOU are our our Customer and we are here to help you in any way we can...we just have to know what you need.

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