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Watching Over Your Vacation Property

Leave your vacation property in our hands and enjoy peace of mind with our bonded property-watch team on the job. By turning to the resident property care specialists of CheckMark Services in Sargent, Texas, you don’t have to worry about arriving back at your home away from home with anything out of place or unexpected. We watch over and report issues at your location, ensuring your belongings and residence are monitored.  Every property is different, as are the concerns of the owner.  Our first step is to walk through all of your property, note existing conditions, concerns you may have that require our focus, and build a customized inpection checklist.  You know what risks you are concerned about and that's the same risks that we want to relieve you of worrying about.  Some are common (i.e. storm damage, evidence of vandalism, landscape/lawn care negligence, septic issues, etc.) but others are specific to your property.  Let's face it, an RV owner is concerned about different things than a boat owner versus a home or business owner.  Bottom line is that what you worry about is what we'll worry about.

With our Basic Package, our professionals alert you weekly if any external issues arise with your property, such as storm damage, evidence of tampering, flooding, or landscape maintenance problems.  Additionally, our Enhanced Package includes interior checks for plumbing/structural leaks, HVAC malfunctions, electical/lighting issues, and performs Customer-sourced HVAC filter changes.  Early detection of any problems helps you address issues before they become harder to fix. When you are in need of high-quality, dependable property-watch services, let us assist you.

Exclusive Service Packages

Choose one of our cost-effective service packages to keep your vacation property fully monitored and maintained. As outlined above, we offer a weekly Standard Package, which includes full exterior checks and reports for less than $1/day. There is also a weekly Enhanced Package available, where, for an additional $10/mo., we perform interior checks and minor upkeep of your home/property. Monthly and yearly payment plans are available and no plan that we offer requires a signed contract.

Besides our packages, our specialists provide "On-Demand" services to include near-term storm assessments, Contractor/Delivery monitoring, "I forgot" services (i.e. left garage door open, curling iron plugged in, etc.), and any other event where you need a responsible representative to act on your behalf.  Remember, "When you wish you were here, we are!".

Affordable Prices. We have service and package choices that can fit any budget/need:

STANDARD PACKAGE: $360/year or $30/month

ENHANCED PACKAGE: $480/year or $40/month

"ON DEMAND": $25 for 1-hour call out and $20/hr. for each additional hour

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